Shelton Reese
Mailing: PO Box 81765
Chicago, Illinois 60681

Phone (312) 635-0198
Fax (312) 635-0198

Specialized Software

For some years now I have developed software utilities to assist in managing systems. I have also have written special operations instructions for software from IBM.  If you have an interesting software project or an ISP proposal I am gladly at your disposal. 

Listed below are some useful utilities we have developed.

1 Consolidate the CICS CSD  
BDEFCSD takes input from the batch EXTRACT command and produces a listing of part or all of the CSD that can be used to build or rebuild CSD definitions, or just as a summary listing of the CSD.
2 Creating a Master/Detail form with Visual Basic
This software shows how to create a Master/Detail form in Visual Basic, those of you who have worked in Access may already have used Master/Detail form (Sub forms). Visual Basic programmers always felt handicapped by the fact that there are no Sub-Forms in Visual Basic. This software will show you how this can be achieved in Visual Basic.
3 DB2 Snapshot Monitoring Files
This software contains snapshot monitoring files written in the C programming language. In order to use these files, you must also use the error-checking utility files from IBM. The snapshot monitoring software gives detailed information on DB2 database operation. I use snapshots from DB2 to optimize Db2 database performance.
4 Manipulating a database with ASP and VBScript
These are some easy ASP vbscript examples for manipulating data in a database only the ASP pages must be in the same directory as the database for these examples to work.


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