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Technical Articles

Listed below are some articles I have written for clients, technical publications and on-line media, some of which can be called up online.

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1 IBM Systems Journal SAP/DB2 and High Availability

System outages could cost companies millions of dollars. These outages could be due to network, disk or CPU failures. By exploiting hardware configured with redundancy, we can minimize the impact from these hardware failures to achieve High Availability (HA).  SAP Web Application Server (SAP Web AS) supports High Availability through the technique called Switchover (Active-Passive) to increase the availability of critical services.
2 IDUG User Sessions DB2 for Z/OS: System Health Check

The Objectives of this presentation are to:
  • Introduce and discuss the most common issues
  • Share experience from the CSU 'health check' project
  • Share experience from customer incidents
  • Recommend best practices
  • +Encourage proactive behavior over regret analysis

3 Technical Support IBM DB2 Content Manager Performance Tuning Guide
This publication is intended to help Content Management solution designers and system administrators understand the factors that impact the performance of Content Management applications running on the officially supported platforms. This document provides guidelines for parameter and application tuning for IBM DB2 Content Manager V8.3 Enterprise Edition for DB2 and Oracle on AIX, Windows, and Solaris platforms. .
4 IBM Systems Journal Performance Tuning Plan for Windows Server 2003

This document describes important tuning patterns and tools that can result in improved performance for Magnetrol’s Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and DB2 UDB with SQL Replication application. Each pattern and its potential effect are described to help you make an informed judgment about its relevance to the performance goals.
5 IBM OMF Reporter Tuning IBM AIX 5L for an Oracle Database

This paper discusses performance analysis and tuning for different types of Oracle workloads and IBM AIX 5L setup configurations. I show how best to exploit the specific performance features of the AIX 5L operating system on IBM eServer p5 and pSeries systems when running an Oracle Database. .
6 Technical Support The Process of Tuning LL Bean’s DB2 for AIX

L.L.Bean, Inc. is a privately held mail-order and retail company based in Freeport, Maine, specializing in clothing and outdoor recreation equipment. Its annual sales were USD $1.47 billion in 2005. LL Bean’s Internet interface requires use of multiple technology layers. Keeping these applications performing optimally is an intense challenge because of the scope and technological diversity of the application..
7 IBM Systems Journal Database Solutions for E-business

This report is to examine DB2 Universal Database Version 7 and provide an overview of the enhancements for all DB2 platforms, including OS/390, UNIX, Windows, OS/2, and related platforms.
8 IBM OMF Reporter What is a Stored Procedure?

A stored procedure is an application program that is stored on the DB2 server and can be invoked by the client using an SQL CALL statement. This statement can be dynamically prepared from QMF for Windows, using QMF for Windows's native Windows DRDA requester capabilities.
9 Technical Support Using Java with DB2 for OS/390

Just about everyone has at least heard of Java and how it is going transform the world of IT. But just because you’ve heard about Java doesn’t mean you fully understand it. And even if you know a bit about Java, there is always more to discover.
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